Часы Longines New

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Часы Longines New

Longines Watches History

Elegance - The single word that wholes up the embodiment of Longines watches. Timeless in appeal, these luxury watches are true reflection of royalty and class. Each watch from this brand is true craftsmanship that reflects custom, exactness and class. Over the world individuals of nations treasure this luxury watch brand whose image is the winged hourglass. You'll be spoilt with decisions while looking for Longines watches. It has a hypnotizing collection both in the architect men's watch class and in addition ladies' watches.

Here's a little counsel on the off chance that you need to purchase one. Begin with the Heritage collection which the brand has made because of its rich watchmaking legacy. The Elégantes de Longines line is enlivened by the Art Deco development of the s and s; the Présence Heritage arrangement has the exemplary pocket watch plans adjusted into wristwatches. The Conquest Heritage, Silver Arrow and Flagship Heritage lines praise the brilliant time of customary mechanical wristwatches.

Every heritage watch is outlined tastefully with round metal dials mounted on leather or engineered straps. Longines watches in true sense are genuine impression of sovereignty and class.

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