Нет Усикам Dono Stick

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Нет Усикам Dono Stick

CONFECTO NO-STICK &#;N&#;™ is a unique blend of refined hydrogenated vegetable oils that, when mixed into your confectionery or baked goods products:

  • Acts to minimize the negative effects of humid and hot conditions.
  • Works effectively to reduce stickiness in your finished product.
  • Extends product shelf life by absorbing moisture which leads to product degradation.

CONFECTO NO-STICK &#;N&#;™ should be mixed into molten candy at the end of the cooking cycle, either in the kettle or on the cooling table along with the color and flavoring.

For baked goods, add to your batter prior to cooking.

Usage levels will vary based upon the type of product being manufactured and the climate (i.e.

temperature and humidity).

Normal usage level is % &#; %, however you will need to experiment to determine the most effective level for each product.


  • Economical and extremely easy to use!

    A little goes a very long way.

  • Helps reduce &#;cold flow!&#;
  • Effective for use with hard candy, taffy, caramel, nougat, brittles, baked goods, etc.
  • Prevents food and confectionary from sticking to each itself and to wrapping materials.

Off-white, free flowing beads



Melting Point:
˚ &#; ˚F

Plastic lined corrugated carton &#; 50 pounds net.

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