Unitox антипаразитное средство

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Unitox Антипаразитное Средство



Designed by a doctor, for a doctor


Our syringes feature distinct incremental markings that take away the need for any confusing conversions.

Not to mention, it&#;s FDA approvedand incredibly easy to use!

Learn more HERE.


Unitox® is a specialty syringe designed for BOTOX® administration.

Dr. Solomon created it to provide simplicity, accuracy, and precision to the art of administering BOTOX®.

Read more about it HERE.


Skip the math and go straight for the smart design of Unitox® specialty syringes!

Each box contains individually packed syringes. Call () to order your today!

Or you can shop online HERE.

DISCLAIMER: Botox®  is a registered trademark of Allergan, Inc. and not affiliated with Unitox® .

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