Зимние леджинсы Hollywood Pants

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Зимние Леджинсы Hollywood Pants

Hollywood Pants

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Hollywood Pants are stretchy pants for women that will hide stomach and back fat, lift your buttocks, and make your legs look longer in just seconds. The black, tapered-leg pants are available in a high-waisted style that will not only feel comfortable to wear, but will make you appear as if you've lost weight, too.

These pants come in two different women's sizes, small / medium and large/extra-large, so regardless of your body type, you'll likely be able to find a pair that'll flex to fit your shape.

Total Cost Breakdown

The ORIGINAL cost of Hollywood Pants was $ plus $ shipping. The special TV offer allowed you to receive a second pair of Hollywood Pants by paying the extra shipping fee of $ for a total price of $ The aforementioned prices were taken from the official distributor sales page at vulcan-moskva.tk in December ofwhich has since been taken offline.

Currently, you can buy 1 Hollywood Pant for $ + FREE Shipping and get 2 Pairs FREE at the new website. Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page: vulcan-moskva.tk

How It Works

Since these pants sit high up on the waist instead of down near the belly button, as many other pairs do, any stomach or back fat you have will be well-concealed while you wear them.

The pants' high waist will also add length to your legs, making you look taller in general. What's more, the rise of these pants is higher in the back than in the front, making them capable of literally lifting up butt cheeks that would otherwise be sagging. Hence, when you wear Hollywood Pants, you'll automatically look like you're in better shape without having to change your exercise routine.


  • Double-layered Waistband

    Although the style of these pants plays a large role in making a person look slim, the double-layered waistband also helps pull in and conceal fat around or near the waistline.

    Moreover, a double-layered waistband is less likely to roll down than a single-layered one, even if you're very active throughout your day.

  • Stylish Decorations

    Each pair of Hollywood Pants has either zippers along what's commonly considered the pocket area, rhinestones in that area, or gold buttons on the waistband.

    These trendy touches will prevent you from looking boring without making you look outrageous.

  • Tapered Legs

    In keeping with current fashion trends, each pair of these pants also has tapered legs, making them look similar to skinny jeans, although you may find wearing them more comfortable than wearing heavy denim.

  • Two Sizes Available

    Hollywood Pants will fit almost all women, as they're made of flexible fabric and come in two different sizes. They're so stretchy that even if you gain or lose a few pounds, you'll likely still fit comfortably in the same size. There's no size chart, but women who normally wear a small or medium should opt for the smaller size, while those women who normally wear a large or extra-large should choose the larger one.

Positive Points

  • Dressy or Casual

    These pants look good with almost anything, so you may choose to pair them with a blouse at the office and a t-shirt or tank top while you're hanging out at home. They'll look great with high-heeled shoes or boots when you're headed out on the town, but will look equally good with flip-flops and other flat shoes, too.

  • Can Tuck in or Tuck Under

    To further emphasize your waistline, you may want to tuck your top into your Hollywood Pants, but if that's not your style, they'll also look nice tucked under a cute top.

  • Instant Change in Appearance

    You'll look taller, slimmer and likely, much more attractive seconds after you pull on these pants—you won't need to count calories and work up a sweat in order to see miniscule changes in your shape.

Negative Points

  • Results Aren't Permanent

    Of course, there's a downside to the instant changes in your figure that your Hollywood Pants will bring—they won't be permanent. As soon as you take off the pants, you'll see any muffin top, back fat, or sagging in your buttocks that you may normally have again.

  • Can't Choose Specific Style

    When selecting a pair of Hollywood pants, you won't be able to choose whether you want a pair with zippers, one with rhinestones, or one with buttons.

    While all the options look fairly similar, people would likely appreciate having the ability to choose between them.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Pull on Pants

    To begin wearing your Hollywood Pants, regardless of which of the three styles you have, simply pull them on.

    This won't be a struggle, as they'll automatically stretch and conform to the contours of your body. Although there are zippers or buttons on some of these pants for decoration, you won't need to struggle to do any of these up, either.

    Just be sure to, due to the fact that the pants are high-waisted, you pull them all the way up to your natural waist without leaving the waistband hanging near your belly button.

  2. Add Shirt of Choice

    Once you've got your pair of pants on, you'll be able to select virtually any shirt to either tuck into the pants, or wear hanging over them.

    If your shirt is made of tighter, thinner fabric, then tucking it in might be best, while it could be best to leave a looser shirt or one made of thicker material hanging loose.

  3. Wear With Confidence

    After you've chosen a shirt and accessories to accompany your Hollywood Pants, you can go about your day with confidence, knowing that the pants have given a boost to your bottom and flattened midsection fat.

    You may even feel taller, as the pants' wide, high waistband will promote the illusion of longer, shapelier legs.


  • Full Shapewear Garment

    Some women choose to wear a full shapewear garment, one that covers as much of the body as a one-piece bathing suit, and smooths out any fat within those areas. However, a garment such as this can be uncomfortable, as many of them have lots of snaps and straps that could dig into your skin.

    While wearing one of these, due to the need to conceal the garment, you may also be limited as to which of your shirts you can wear.

  • Tummy Tamer Panties

    Another option, if you want to flatten your tummy, is to obtain a pair of panties ( or several) with a front panel that will minimize the appearance of any fat within your stomach area. A pair of panties such as this won't do anything to improve the appearance of the rest of your body ( such as your legs and back)though, while Hollywood Pants will.

How it's Different from Competitors

There are many pairs of jeans available with high, wide waistbands like those found within Hollywood Pants, but those jeans tend to be far less comfortable than these pants.

First of all, one pair can weigh as much as up to five pairs of Hollywood Pants, which may make you feel like you're carrying extra weight on your body while wearing them.

Secondly, no jeans are as stretchy as these pants, so your movement may be more restricted, especially if you're bloated or have recently gained a few pounds. If you've gained weight, your jeans may make you look fatter even with this type of waistband, as you'll be literally stuffed into a swath of inflexible fabric.

Save Money

Without any Hollywood Pants, you'll have to obtain pants that are appropriate for dressing up, especially if you work in a corporate office, and pants that are comfortable enough for dressing down.

If you work out, you may also need even more pairs of pants for that. You'll be able to wear Hollywood Pants for all three of these activities, however, so even if you can't get by with one pair of pants, you won't need as many as you would otherwise.

Save Time

You may not think you spend tons of time doing up zippers and buttons on jeans or cotton dress pants each day, but you may put in at least a few unnecessary minutes.

By switching to pants that you can literally pull on in seconds, you'll free up minutes that you can use to complete daily tasks or perfect your hair and makeup.

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